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[blockquote]“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or pain of regret.“[/blockquote]


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    [blockquote author=“Carl Sorenson“]“Personal Training has really improved my core strength and fitness. This has allowed me to continue with my training for swiss marathon.“[/blockquote]

    Call us on +911 – 8279 – 01237 to book 30 minutes of FREE Personal Training with our certified trainers


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    [heading2 title=“Спорт и забавление във Fireball“ pitch_text=“Нашите лични треньори са сертифицирани професионалисти във своите области, винаги готови да ви покажат тайните на здравословното спортуване и тънкостите на любимия ви спорт“][classes excerpt_count=“0″ post_count=“6″ number_of_columns=“3″][heading2 1=“certified“ 2=“<a“ 4=“trainers“ 5=“partner“ 6=“with“ 7=“you“ 8=“one-on-one“ 9=“to“ 10=“ensure“ 11=“you“ 12=“understand“ 13=“how“ 14=“to“ 15=“maintain“ 16=“an“ 17=“effective“ 18=“and“ 19=“smart“ 20=“exercise“ 21=“program.“ 22=“Aenean“ 23=“leo“ 24=“ligula,“ 25=“porttitor“ 26=“eu,“ 27=“consequat“ 28=“vitae,“ 29=“eleifend“ 30=“ac,“ title=“Сертифицирани треньори“ pitch_text=“Спортувайте с приятели или нашите професионални треньори“][trainers_slider trainer_ids=“13348,6979,5483,5485,5482″]
    [blockquote subtitle=“Здрав дух в здраво тяло“]Fit is not a destination, it is a way[/blockquote]
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    Our Location

    FitPro Athletic Club
    2201 North Sam Houston Pkwy
    Mark Blvd, Peach Street
    Seattle, WA, 66214

    Contact Us

    Phone: +1 (666) 777 9999 Fax: +1 (666) 777 3333 Email: fitpro.club@example.com

    Staffed Hours

    Monday to Friday 9-00am to 6-30pm Saturday 9-00am to 2-00pm
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